Democracy at Work & Headway is Part of It

Headway is pleased to announce a new client program with Ipsos Public Affairs. We will be working with Ipsos to recruit over 4,500 election agents for the 2014 mid-term national elections as both on-site and remote agents to be part of the democratic process – reporting results to Ipsos. "We are honored to work with Ipsos on … Continue reading Democracy at Work & Headway is Part of It


4 Key Plays for Office Training NFL Style

Are you excited about NFL training camp kicking off? Are you keeping up with your team and how it is doing at their training facilities? And dreaming about future Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings finding the best place on your couch or in your favorite chair in front of the TV? If you are, this … Continue reading 4 Key Plays for Office Training NFL Style

Inspiring Spotlight

This employee spotlight is someone that brings inspiration to the table every day and we wanted to share it with you. His name is Rakeem Vick, and recruits for our partner Nielsen. He knows what it feels like to be a superstar on the football field and he has brought this superstar status to the … Continue reading Inspiring Spotlight

From Military ‘Digies’ to Office Professional Attire

When men and women finish their time serving in the military, usually they have been trained specifically for a certain area in the military. Sometimes this pertains to qualifications in the field of work that they would need to get a job, but not always. An article by The Atlantic, talks about the 'Millenial' veterans. … Continue reading From Military ‘Digies’ to Office Professional Attire

Jim Rohn’s Monday Motivation

"Either you run the day, or the day runs you." –Jim Rohn You decide how the rest of this day is going to pan out to rev up for the week. Run today and every day.

When the Going Gets Tough, Make it Talansky’s Way

Fellow professionals, you have made it this far this week. Keep on going, just like Andrew Talansky. If you haven't heard his journey on Tour de France this year, check it out here. When the going gets tough, evaluate your work and what you have ahead, and keep on going. Make educated decisions, but just … Continue reading When the Going Gets Tough, Make it Talansky’s Way

What are your Verrückt goals?

Take yourself to new limits today. Strive for goals today that are both short-term and accomplished today, and long-term that are realistic and foreseeable, but not accomplished today. Short-term goals are great to have and keep your energy level up throughout the workday. Short-term goals are your 264 set of steps that get you to the … Continue reading What are your Verrückt goals?