Seasonal Ramp Up: Behind the Scenes with Caitlin

Caitlyn Yelenic
Caitlin Yelenic, Account Manager for Hickory Farms

Can you describe in three sentences or less what your job entails?

Our recruitment team sources and interviews candidates for potential Area Manager and Store Manager openings. I work to build strong relationships with the client, make sure that the communication is always open and that we are there to fulfill any and all needs. Once recruitment ends, we work with our internal Shared Services team and HR department to assist with any human resource or payroll issues that might come up.

What are your strategies for finding individuals that are passionate ambassadors for the Hickory Farms brand?

We have a proprietary database of over two million candidates nationwide and this serves as our first point of investigation. We look particularly for individuals who have served as passionate brand ambassadors for us in the past, then we expand the search to include individuals who have the necessary skillsets and who are in the right geography. This candidate pool gives us a huge jumpstart when it comes to finding high-quality, experienced individuals very quickly. We then supplement this search strategy by posting positions on sites such as Indeed, SnagAJob, Craigslist and Career Builder as well as across our social media platform. We also reach out to libraries, community colleges and other local organizations in the area for which we are filling positions. Our goal is to find as many highly qualified candidates in the needed geography as quickly as possible and to this end we have developed a comprehensive searching strategy that has proven very effective.

What kind of individuals do you look for to fill these positions?

We look for candidates who have substantial retail or customer service experience. Candidates need to be hands-on and willing to get down and dirty with the rest of the Hickory Farms’ team. We look for individuals that are warm, engaging, reliable and driven to succeed. Most importantly, they need to be able to serve as positive and enthusiastic representatives of the Hickory Farms brand.

We know that your job continues even after filling all the required positions. What’s next?

While we fill positions and speak with potential candidates, we build relationships right? So once we fill the positions, we work with the candidates and the client to make sure everyone is on the same page and all parts are taken care of. We start the recruitment process then we help the different teams with onboarding, payroll, human resources and just any questions they may have. Communication is extremely important during the season because there are constant changes.


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